About Us

Sangamon Solar is a full-service solar installation company specializing in working with residents, non profits, and businesses throughout Illinois. 

Whether your interest is energy independence, making a smart investment in your home, making your contribution to a green future, or a combination of these, Now is the time for Solar!  So lets Roof the Rafters!!


why sangamon solar was created

Sangamon Solar was created to expand every Illinoisans' access to actionable solutions

to fight Earth's Climate Crisis.

The facts are in:​

  • We're in the world's 6th mass extinction.

  • Up to 200 species go extinct ever single day.

  • The world has 360 gigatons of CO2 it can still emit into the atmosphere before the global temperature will irrevocably increase by 1.5° F. 

  • At current consumption, that gives mankind less than 8.5 years until that budget is gone.

While the climate crisis is being mitigated with the creation of Solar farms and Wind farms, our

communities have to visibly change to keep the realities of our situation on people's minds.

Every solar installation makes an impact.

why Choose sangamon solar 

Sangamon Solar is committed to providing you with an affordable, enjoyable, and educational introduction to all of the merits of Renewable Energy.

Amazingly, with the incentives from the State and Federal government, it is now cheaper to produce your own solar energy than it is to continually buy energy produced from natural gas and coal. Receive up to 75% off your own solar installation while incentives last. 

Lets us be your guide to participating in America's Green Economy. Request a free Solar Energy Report for your house, see if solar is right for you, join the Club & Become a Sunsinger!  

Sangamon Solar is one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in the Midwest and provides a variety of local career opportunities.

1% off all profit goes to  local nature conservation efforts & funding clean-up canoe expeditions throughout Illinois Prairie Rivers.