Our Team

Eli Smith

Solar Representative, Solar Installer & Founder

I founded Sangamon Solar to install as much renewable energy in Illinois as I could. The incentives are there, it's just a matter of willingness to take the steps yourself into the green economy. When I'm not trying to promote or install solar, you'll find me reading, running, or canoeing the Sangamon River. 

Billy Nixon

Solar Representative 

I graduated undergrad in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. After that, I worked to collect data on fresh water mussels, small mammals, and migratory birds to better understand their local ecology. I became interested in Solar because of its positive impact on the environment.  When I learned about the special opportunities in Illinois, I wanted to do my part to better assist the animals and ecosystems I study. 

Jacob Lieb

Solar Installer

I've worked in a number of industries and hands down its been completing solar installation that I've felt the most satisfaction doing. The way I see it, going solar is a smart investment that actually makes your house or business look better. 


Matt Workman


While I have primary worked in the healthcare and social work field, it has been my pleasure to learn about and work with those interested in progressing renewable energy.

I come from a family of electricians, so I've always found electricity interesting. This paired with my love for the environment makes solar a really nice match.