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Pairing Profit and Planet

The way we see it, there's no future unless its a sustainable one. How that happens, though, is up to us.


Most utilities allow customers to elect to purchase green energy from a solar or wind farm at a slight premium. While this is a great way to produce large quantities of renewable energy, its not society's exclusive path forward. 

Owning your own solar panels and producing your electricity where it is consumed is better for the grid, it's better for your pocketbook, it gives ownership back to the people, and moreover, it's a public demonstration of the future you'd like to help create. 

We want Profit and Planet to be on the same side and to do so, Sangamon Solar offers a minimum $500s per referral. 

If you'd like to learn about how you can create your own green side hustle, get in contact with us and learn more. We've all got a network of people we know that at the very least deserve to know actionable steps they can take to invest responsibly. 

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