Renewable Energy In Central Illinois

      Covid 19 has seriously affected our notions of what the 20's might look like. We at Sangamon Solar see the opportunity available and we're committed to make Illinois 100% renewable by 2050. Illinois's switch to renewable energy is interesting. The Windmills along 74 have seriously affected the landscape. If you keep your eyes out, you'll start to see solar everywhere you look. These are exciting times and we should talking about them.



      The only way ideas like solar truly spread is by word of mouth. It's the story. That's what we hope to spread, and we'd be happy to have your help to do it. Fortunately for the renewable energy movement, If you can get solar from a fair price contractor, it's common sense to install a generator that will produce and offset 60%+ of your current electricity consumption every year for the next 25 years. 

Illinois Solar 

If you agree to keep your solar panels on your roof for the next 15 years, get 45% of your money back in your first year of going solar. To learn more, visit                    

Illinois has some of the best solar legislation in the Country. 

What we need:

Renewable Energy is changing Central Illinois's Landscape. It's stabilizing our grid while producing energy where it's consumed. Solar's now hands down the most cost effective electricity production technology. But homeowners have to have a see the rationality to take the time to learn about solar. That's where conversation comes in.

The Math on Solar


   Get 26% of your money back from your Federal Tax Return.

   Get up to 46% of your money back from State Incentives.


That's up to 70% of your Money back in your first year of going solar.

Helping Others Own Their Energy

Keeping the momentum for solar is hard and if you're willing to lend a hand, we want to compensate you for it. Whether you're an existing Sangamon Solar Customer, or whether you've seen our work and would like to see an improvement in the landscape architectural in your area: we want to make it happen. 

Recommend Solar and sit back as your friends offset 60-100% of their electricity consumption with solar while lowering their bills by up to +$100 a month. 

History of Solar

  • 1839 - French physicist A. E. Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect.

  • 1954  - Bell Laboratories invented the first framed electrical solar panel at an efficiency of around 6%.

  • Today- commercial solar panel now have an average efficiency of 19% and economies of scale have dropped the price of solar ownership >90% since the 1970s

Call and talk to a project developer about how you can make your community renewable. 

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